Why Rent a Dashcam?

  • Assist with insurance claims in the event of an incident. 
  • Help to protect you from the craze known as "crash for cash" scams. 
  • They help to deter unwanted approaches to your vehicle
  • Capture & record those one off moments when your camera's not about
  • Our Dashcam devices - We supply the best dashcams at the best prices. Our fleet of high end, Nexbase, HD  212 models will provide all you need and more for your trip.
  • Reliability - If the device fails to perform when you are away we'll send you the funds to buy a replacement

  • Ordering - select the amount of days, and options that you require on the next page. Please send us a message detailing your dates of departure.
  • Advance Booking - book a device as far in advance as you wish. Your hire period doesn't begin until your departure date so no need for last minute panicking. This helps us to plan stock for the efficient delivery of your device. 
  • Delivery - We deliver 2-3 days prior to your departure. 
  • Return - 3 free days for you to return the device following the end of the hire period. Click here for a full list of terms & conditions.

How Many Days Do You Require?







Our Dashcam Video