Is Detailing Just an Elaborate Word for Washing & Hoovering a Car?

If you aren’t aware of the difference and you love your vehicle then read on.


Believe it or not a clean and shiny car is almost a bi-product of detailing. The real focus is on correcting historical  damage from poor valet practices, getting it clean safely,  keeping it clean and protecting it from future damage. it. 

You may wash your own vehicle or perhaps you use the local car park or machine car wash. They are all quick, cheap and convenient and the general car owners wash of choice. But, there’s a reason why they are so affordable and, over time they can come at a cost. Getting your vehicle to shine in such a short time can usually only be achieved using shortcuts, poor cleaning practices and long term paint damaging chemicals and silicones. These eventually leave your vehicle looking dull, reduce the life of your paintwork and lessen the vehicles value.


Put it to the test - when in direct sunlight or under a street light have you ever noticed 100’s of tiny swirl type marks (we call it cobwebs) in your paintwork and thought to yourself – what is “that” all over my car? 

“That” is the damage we refer to. It dulls your paintwork and reduces shine & reflection. The good news is that we can correct this damage, prevent it from happening again and protect your vehicle from the elements, animal droppings and everything else that mother nature throws at it

For us, detailing can be broken down into three parts. How many of those parts would benefit you and your vehicle depends on the current condition of your paintwork. 

Vehicle Detailing



A halfway house when you need more than a clean but you’re vehicle’s not ready for the paint/body shop. It's the road to recovery - We can remove and correct years of damage that poor “valeting” practices, sunlight and other elements have caused.



The use of multi stage, elaborate washing techniques and specialist equipment to prevent and minimise the damage that can occur when your vehicle is washed. 

We can't give all our secrets away online but you'll be blown away by the lengths we go to. 




The application of high quality waxes, sealants and carbon based coatings (often called glassing or icing) to form a hydrophobic layer that protects your paintwork from UV rays, the elements, scuffs and minor scratches and also leaves it looking amazing.`