Why Rent a SatnavFor Your Trip?

  • Save Money? Car hire companies charge £10 or more PER DAY for sat nav hire! Don't wait until you get to your destination to get conned! Downloading a GPS map may be as much as £120! and a new satnav with world maps will cost circa £200, both of which you'll probably use once!
  • Our GPS devices - We supply the best devices at the best prices. Our fleet of high end, top spec tomtom models inc Tom Tom GO51, GO510, GO520,GO5100 GO610 & GO6100 - No one can compete!
  • Reliability - If the device fails to perform we'll pay for a replacement!

  • Our Maps - The very latest maps direct from the manufacturers.
  • Ordering - select the amount of days/package, that you require. send us a message detailing dates of departure & confirmation of the county/s you will be travelling in.
  • Advance Booking-book as far in advance as you wish. This helps us to plan stock for the efficient delivery of your device. 
  • Delivery/Return - Delivery-3days prior to your departure. Return - 3 free days for you to return the device following the end of the hire period.  Click here for a full list of terms & conditions. 

How Many Days Do You Require?


Need a different hire period ?

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